Need a book-keeping solution that is compatible with Hamilton Tax? Xero is a highly recommended bookkeeping software for your business!


With Hubdoc, you can import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use. Integrates seemlessly with Xero!

Quick Books

The tried and true bookkeeping solution for countless businesses accross the country. Reliable and Consistent to use.

Human Resources


Need an All-Inclusive HR Service that can handle benefits, payroll, tax filings, and employee taxes? Gusto makes it super easy!

My Solo 401k Financial

MySolo401K Financial Can help you set your self-directed retirement account that maximizes your investment options.

Personal and Business Finances

The 1031 Investor

Are you tired of paying out your hard earned real estate gain in taxes? The 1031 Investor can help you save capital gain taxes! Avoid paying more than you should!


Need financial planning that embodies excellence? Tranel Financial Group can help with your financial planning needs. From retirement, legacy, to investments


Titan Armor, a division of Titan Engineering, is a tax software provider specializing in the R&D Tax Credit. Get access to cash for reinvestment back into your business!

Acuity Scheduling

Need a software that allows your customers and clients to schedule calls with you ONLY when you are available? Use Acuity to help!

Accelerated Banking

Homeowners! Pay off your mortgage in as early as 5-7 years without refinancing, changing your income, or hurtingy our credit!


Cost Segregation Services, Inc. has saved taxpayers millions through accelerated depreciation and repair regulations studies. Stay compliant and save money

Are you a Homeowner with a Mortgage?
Learn how to pay off your mortgage as early as 5-7 Years!
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