Our Services

Software Selection & Implementation

We will assist you in selecting and implementing the perfect accounting, bookkeeping, and/or payroll software that best fits your business needs.

Tax Returns & Preparations

We prepare all forms of tax returns, including standard, business, and also returns you may not have known your business needs to file.

Cost Segregation

With Cost Segregation Analysis, we segment each component of your real estate holdings, allowing some elements to be depreciated faster, creating significant tax savings in the early years of acquisition.


We will assist you in your month-to-month bookkeeping with accurate accounting so you’re aware of your exact financial situation every month.

Business Consulting

We specialize in consulting and advising our clients, making sure their business or venture is optimized to thrive.

Business Entity Selection

We will assist you in selecting the best entity for your business. We partner and recommend several attorneys who can assist you in creating the legal paperwork to back up your business structure.

Buying or Selling a Business

We assist many of our clients in the decision to buy or sell a business. We can help you be confident when you make an offer or in evaluating an offer that you have received. We also help you structure the deal appropriately and legally in the most tax advantaged fashion.

Self-Directed Retirement Plans

Hamilton Tax also specializes in working with self-directed retirement plans. From SD-IRA, SD IRA LLC, SD HSA or to even Self-Directed 401(k). We can help you strategize so that you're prepared for proper record keeping and taxes for all self-directed retirement plans.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Hamilton Tax can help you mitigate and manage your tax matters for your estate. Protecty our family and your future generation from unforseeable tax liabilities.

Financial Statements

We specialize in preparing tax returns for small businesses, real estate investors and self directed retirement accounts.

IRS and State Representation

We specialize in preparing tax returns for small businesses, real estate investors and self directed retirement accounts.

Financial Analysis

We assist in helping you create your financial statements or to understand them and make recommendations on how to improve situations and negotiate for better terms.

Notary Public

Hamilton Tax has a notary on staff at each of locations.

Payroll Services

We provide full service payroll including HR functions. We can hep you sort out the details when it comes to hiring, benefits, and paying payroll taxes.

Retirement Planning

We will assist you in both planning for your retirement and ensuring that your nest egg remains intact.

Sales Tax Services

Hamilton Tax offers services including determining Nexus and if you have filing a requirement all the way to filing delinquent sales tax returns to get your account current.

Data And Record Management

Let Hamilton Tax assist you by compiling your records and organizing them in a manner that allows you to create a detailed financial statement.

Tax Resolution

From IRS to state and local tax bureaus trouble, we will assist you with fast and effective resolution. We specialize in advanced negotiations including offer and compromise to alleviate your tax issues.

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